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External Links

Featured Bridge and Trestle Building Links and Design information.

Proto Modelling Sites

  • Proto 87 - Fine Scale Modellig in 87.1:1 (HO Scale)
  • Proto 64 - Fine Scale Modellig in 64:1 (S Scale)
  • Proto 48 - Fine Scale Modellig in 48:1 (O Scale)

Featured Hobby Sites for bridge and trestle products.

Featured Forum and Blog Sites for model building.

Featured Tools and Modeling Accessories sites.

  • Hobby Zone (Poland) , offers a superb modular desktop organizing system
  • Airfield Models Building with Magnets and fixtures. Model aircraft site with excellent building ideas and tools for sale

Model Railroad Magazines

Model Railroad Organizations

RGS Prototype Modeling Sites

  • RGS - An excellent RGS site that goes lots of other places.
  • RGS RR Info - RGS Website with lots of links to other RGS pages. Maintained by Steven Haworth
  • Formerly known as - Sn3nut’s Home Page. Maintained by Bob Hyman
  • Another RGS Site - Bill White maintains a Rio Grande Southern Railroad Technical Information Page. He has lots of great information about RGS trestles and rolling stock. Also has great links to other sites.

Prototype Modeling Information

  • Narrow Gauge Downunder - Australian narrow gauge.
  • One-20.3 discussion group - The One-20.3 discussion group on Yahoo kicked around the idea of a low cost F Scale (1:20.3) generic box car kit. They came up with one that everybody really likes. Jeff Saxon pulled it all together. This website has the design info and how to get involved in the discussion group.
  • Urban Eagle - Rick Blanchard has tons of great modeling information on his DaTrains website. Lots of standard dimensions for rail, ties, timber, pipes, etc.
  • Magazine Index - This is an online database for finding model railroad magazine articles. It is maintained by Model Railroader magazine. It also gets you into the website.
  • Online Search engine for model railroaders at Train Web - This site has tons of train info and a great search engine designed especially for model railroading.