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How To Use This Site

The Basics

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You must register to use this site. Basically this ensures that we have an email address for you. Your email address is required by the US Post Office (if you want us to send you a notice via the Post Office) when we ship online. This will also give you a notice of when your items are pulled by us, and when the Post Office processes your delivery.

It also gives us an email address to contact you if we need to verify an order of if we have a question about your order.

Using our website

We have classified our products into 9 categories. Our intent is that you will be able to find what you are looking for in 2-3 clicks of the mouse.

Here is how to find and place an order for a HO scale 5 leg Trestle jig:

      1. In the left panel, under Category
        1. Click on Bridge and Trestle Jigs
        2. Click on HO scale Jigs
          • You will find a complete listing of ALL our HO Scale jigs
          • This list has bridge jigs first, then 4 leg jigs, then 5 leg then 6 leg jigs last
      2. Find the 5 leg jig you want
        1. Click 'Add 1 to Cart'
        2. A Pop Up window will be displayed showing what you have added to your shoppping cart.
      3. To buy 2 jigs,
        1. 'Click' the 'Add 1 to Cart' again.
      4. If you are done, shopping, you can check out from here.

Otherwise, close the pop up window and continue shopping.

What has changed?

The biggest change is that  you will need to add all items individually. Each 'Add 1 to Cart'   adds one item to your shopping cart (with 2 exceptions, explained later)   

  • To buy more than one item:
    1. Click on the 'Add to Cart' button as many times as you need to order multiple items (we know this not the best solution, but for now we asking you to bear with us till be can get a quantity box to be displayed also)
    2. Click on the 'Product' link (always in the first column) and drill down to the item details.  You will be able to enter as many items as you want in a quantities box.
    3. Wait till you are ready to check out and in the view cart page, you will be able to update or delete items as needed.
  • Exceptions to above
    • If we are out of stock, you will be taken directly to the items detail page and you will see either an 'Out of Stock' message or a 'Back Order' message.  If you want to create a back from us, simple enter the number of items you want and they will be automatically placed in a 'back order' status and we will order them for you and you will receive them as soon as they arrive. (before they go back into stock)
    • For Black Bear Kits, you will always be taken to the Kit detail page.  Kits are a bit different from other items as they include both a Black Bear Jig and a Materials Pack of scale lumber and NBW's.  And because you an increase the number of Material Packs you need, this page will allow you to add more than one (default) to your kit order.

What is New

  • Gift Registry
  • Wish List
  • Stock on hand is now displayed
  • Calculate Shipping costs when you check out
  • Saved carts..this allows repeat customers to use a past order as a template for a new order. If you buy from us on a regular basis and always need the same items... this will really speed up the process
  • Images.. will will 'eventually' have pictures of everything we sell... (except stripwood)
  • PayPal integration
  • Online Credit card authorization
  • Visa Check out integration
  • Glossary
  • Catalog and Price List available online

Menu Tabs


All of our current and past announcement will go here.

How To?

  • Order from us
    • Payment options
      • Paypal
      • Visa Checkout
        • A new offering from Visa. You register with Visa and nolonger have to enter and re-enter your card each time you use it online. For more info... check here at Visa Checkout
      • Major Credit Cards
        • Visa
        • Master Card
        • Discover
        • American Express
    • Shipping Information
      • US Post Office
        • We ship USPS Priority Package.. by default and that should reach you in 2-3 days..
        • Enter the ship to zipcode during checkout. This will help estimate your shipping costs
        • We recommend that you buy USPS insurance if you want your package contents fully insured from damage. By default the Post Office insures for $50 at no cost to you. Over that amount, you are responsible
        • For addtional information on this policy, please follow this link.
  • Use this Site
    • This page!!!
  • Select the right Trestle
    • A PDF document explaining trestle options


A Bridge and trestle glossary has been added to our site.

Many of you have asked for this and we will add to it as terms come up that we believe need clarification or understanding. This is a work in progress, so please bear with us. If you have suggestions or can't find a term, please contact us using our contact form and tell us what you would like to see added to the glossary.


Any additonal questions that are not answered here should be found in the Frequently Asked Question section.


Under Documents you will find the following:

  • Wood Sizes to use... This is a comprehensive list of ALL the wood we carry, listed in order of size
  • about NBWs... addtional details about the Nut, Bolt Washers, their size and recommended use
  • about Steel Rods ... how to work with music wire as it applies to truss rods
  • Bridge Series...
  • Double Bridges...
  • Curved Bridges...
  • The Track Approach...
  • Jig Instructions...
  • Jig Cutting Guide Information..
    All 'HO', 'S', 'O' and 'G' trestle jigs come with a clear acrylic cutting guide. This section explains more about them and how to use them.  Bridge jigs and small scale trestle jigs do not have the cutting guide. 
  • And more as we add information for you to use

Gift Registry

If you would like a gift, register for one yourself or for someone else. This is where you would go.

For example, If you want to create a Christmas gift list of items that your children, grandchildren, spouse or friends can buy for you, create it here and tell them about it. A great way for someone else to splurge on you!!!

Contact Us

If you need to contact us, use this section. It will send us a notice internally that we can monitor and respond to. This does NOT use regular email. These notices are kept separate from our other emails and therefore will not GET lost in regular email traffic.

About Us

Simply who we are and what we do

View Cart

As you shop, you can review what is in your current cart. If you need to update quantities or delete items from the cart, it can be done here.

Left Panel

Category (Product Categories)

You will find everything we sell under one of these parent categories. Click on the category name and it will expand to show you all the sub categories.

  • Shop By Scale
    • All items list by their scale will be found here
      • Z Scale
      • N Scale
      • HO Scale
      • S Scale
      • O Scale
      • G Scale
  • Bridge and Trestle Kits
  • Bridge and Trestle Jigs
  • Material Packs
  • Scale Wood and Lumber
    • All scale lumber and wood (except ties, see below)
  • Scale Ties
    • We normally only stock bridge ties.
    • You can special order any other tie packages and we will add them to our monthly order cycle
  • Tools
  • Paints and Stains
  • Details and Accessories
  • Books and Magazines


If you would like to shop by manufacturer this is where to begin.

Mailing List

We will only send you mail if you have asked us to. If you want to be kept informed about new products, what is on our mind, or changes to the website simply subscribe to our Newsletter.

  • Newsletter.  As part of our mailing list, we anticipate issuing a quarterly newsletter. It will be focused on bridge and trestle construction, any new products we are working on or thinking about, and our convention schedule. If we choose to have any 'sale' items they will be announced in the newsletter.

Top Right


You can use the Search field if you are looking for something specific or just can't find you need but know we have it. For example, if you are looking for NBW's (Found under 'Deatils and Accessories') just type in 'NBW' or 'nbw' and press enter. The search will return any occurance of NBW we have. Some will be links to pages where NBW is found, but you will also find a listing of items displayed as well. We hope this will help you find things that we have not classified products that way you would have.

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