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Driftwood Stain - 8 oz.
HunterLine Stains

Driftwood Stain - 8 oz.

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Driftwood Stain - 8 oz. Barnboard Gray Weathering Instructions 

When doing our research on how to achieve that old, weathered barnboard gray look, we noticed that we could see varying degrees of gray and brown colours. Where the wood had rotted, where there were knots, or where there was bare wood, the colour was brown. To achieve this look, its not a matter of mixing the colours. We follow a 3-step application method. 

You will need:
  • 3 bottles of our weathering mix 1 light gray, 1 medium brown, 1 of either light or dark blue gray 
  • Any coarse paint brush size appropriate to the project 
  • 3- step application method: 
    • Begin by distressing the wood. Use whatever method you are accustomed to. We always use a fine toothed razor saw. 
    • Steps:
      1. Apply one coat of the light gray weather mix with your paint brush. No need to wipe the colour off. Its great to have varying degrees of colour! 
      2. Apply the light or dark blue gray weather mix sporadically on the project. Before applying the colour with your brush, dab excess mix on a paper towel. You dont want the brush too wet. Having your brush a little drier, gives the project a more blended look. You want to see varying colours of gray. 
      3. Apply the medium brown weather mix, following the method in Step 2. Remember, you want to see brown in the areas where there may have been rot, knots or bare wood exposed.
Have fun!!

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