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Welcome to Black Bear Scale Models

  I think I am keeping Black Bear for a while longer. I will continue to sell the jigs and   material packs. Due to such a successful convention I am out of several jigs, please   be patient as I update my inventory. These are manufactured partly in house and   partly through a second party. 

  I am no longer going to carry the Mt. Albert stripwood so I am selling out of my   inventory, so please DO NOT order more than the inventory quantity that I have on   hand. I just finished updating my inventory after the convention so quantities 
 SHOULD be accurate. Please be patient as I continue through this process. 

  If I am out of the Mt. Albert Scale Lumber (Stripwood, Sheetwood &
 Ties) you can order them through Fast Tracks 

  Tools can be purchased through Wolf Designs, e-mail Kurt at

  Thank You,